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Enables effortless evasion of enemy spells with no need for manual clicking!


Anticipating the path taken by adversary avatars makes it a breeze to land precise skill shots, as their actions become exceptionally predictable, allowing for effortless tracking of their every move.


Forecasting the path taken by adversary avatars simplifies the task of landing skill shots, as their movements become highly predictable, enabling precise targeting.

Target Selector

The capability to intricately customize the target selection priority within the script, enabling you to precisely dictate where your attacks and skills are directed.


Leveraging its skill set, it orchestrates a symphony of strategic moves on your behalf. This ingenious software intricately dictates the gameplay strategies for every champion, making the setup a breeze. Whether it's AutoHeal, AutoSmite, or more, it's all seamlessly executed.

Drawing 4K

Utilizing the power of sight, painting vivid images on the canvas of our vigilant guardians' vision, assessing the reach of diverse units' offensive capabilities, tracking the intricate dance of adversaries on the tactical map, and a myriad of other minute details, all form part of the multifaceted visual landscape we navigate.


The capacity to finely tailor target selection priorities within the script, determining precisely where your offensive actions and abilities will be directed.


Leveraging its adept abilities, this tool orchestrates a symphony of strategic maneuvers on your behalf. It seamlessly orchestrates the tactical blueprint for every champion in the game, simplifying the setup process significantly. From AutoHeal to AutoSmite and beyond, it offers an arsenal of automated actions at your fingertips.


Utilizing the power of sight, we harness the ability to paint on the canvas of vigilant guardians, ascertain the striking range of diverse forces, track the adversaries' maneuvers on the miniature map, and uncover numerous intricate details.

Config System

The capacity to finely customize target selection priorities within your script, ensuring that your attacks and abilities are precisely directed.

Reliable anti-cheat bypass

Effortlessly executes specific tasks on your behalf: Auto Smiting, Auto Quick Silver Sash, Auto Healing, Auto Ignition, Auto Warding, and more.

Rise in Summoner Rift

Get iron to Challanger Easily.

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